Documents format accepted by Provigis

Format of the documents


Provigis is a platform for collecting and verifying legal documents of suppliers.

For security reasons, only certain documents format are accepted.

We request to verify that all your documents are in good format ( PDF, Excel, CSV) before uploading them on the platform.

Your documents need to be of less than 3Mo in size so as to be accepted by the platform of Provigis.


Quality of the documents

Your documents uploaded on the platform of Provigis need to be of good quality so as to be treated and validated.

Please note that if your documents are not scanned properly and if we are not being able to read the basic information, we will not be able to validate your legal documents.



How to convert/merge/compress your documents in the good format?


There is a  lot of sites where you can do these formatting easily for free of cost, for example:


If you have problem of how to do these formatting, we advise you to consult the articles in the section advice and tips, where you will have more explanation of how to do the formatting step by step.

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